Sunday, February 22, 2015

And then we got stalled out again...

As I'm sure anyone who still reads my blog is aware, I haven't gotten to any movies since Alice in Wonderland several days ago. Given that the week that just ended was my winter break, this is a bad thing. I'm not really pleased with it, but it is what it is and all I can say is I hope when school comes back I can still pick up a movie from time to time. It definitely helps that Disney movies are shorter than others, but I still think it might be time to skip to a list of recommended ones and come back to the rest when things cool down.

Anyway, I really wanted to post just to let you all know that I'm not dead, and to explain why I didn't get to watch movies this week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Disney's Alice in Wonderland: Second thoughts

This month has been an absolute thing. And it's only just half over, too. Crazy. On the bright side, I have way too many cinnamon hearts right now and that's a really awesome thing, so... go me? Go me. :D

Anyway, now that I've got a bunch of discount burning candy, let's get into some second thoughts! Which I know you all love so much or at least tolerate cause I like writing them and pretending like there's super huge amounts of analysis to be done on Cinderella. Hey, there might be, I don't judge me. Except to say that I am awesome. And in a pretty good mood since cinnamon hearts.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Disney's Cinderella: Second thoughts

Second time a big storm whiffed this winter. Temperature went up, and then 30 cm of snow became just so much rain. Not all good news, though; flash freeze came right after and it's Jeremy Not Welcome out there right now. Also part of our ceiling leaked a lot, so we're not really happy about that. Still, I'm basically at "could have been worse" right now. Stuff can be replaced (summer job willing) after all. So yeah, this was a day. Moving on, right?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Disney's Alice in Wonderland: First impressions

Here's a book that I remember in broad strokes, despite having read it a few times in a few versions. Which... I mean when you think about it that's probably exactly why I remember it in broad strokes instead of big detail. So a big thing for me during this movie is going to be not remarking on "yeah, that was in the book!" even though well you all know me, that's sort of just a thing I do.

Apparently more crap weather is headed our way. The weather people say February averages 45 cm a year of snow and in the first 10 days we managed 60. This is a bad thing. They're literally bringing dump trucks along to deal with the white stuff. Bright side is, lots more reasons for people to be indoors staying warm and watching movies. Like me!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Disney's Saludos Amigos: Second thoughts

I hate homework so much. It's just the worst thing. Well, poor circulation due to whacktons of medications over the course of eight months plus surgeries plus damage which caused the surgeries plus it's friggin' freezing in here plus it's even more well you all get the idea. Icy fingers, not on board. Just not a great thing. Hey, maybe I should take a trip down to South America!

See? There was a valid segue after all. Bet you thought there wouldn't be. Joke's on you :D

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Disney's Bambi: Second thoughts

Man I find it hard to keep on top of the second thoughts. I mean, I've got all the notes and stuff written up for them, it's just finding the time and then not spending it on another movie or on homework or anyway. Here now, with some thoughts. Which are second. About Bambi. I did a thing this time, and - well I'll talk about it after the break.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Disney's Cinderella: First impressions

So let me tell you a little story about two people I know, let's call them Loomie and Racy. Makes them sound like an ominous vampire giraffe and a scandalous 60s pinup, but I'd bet at least one of them would enjoy their comparison and it might not be the one you'd think. Anyway.

Loomie and Racy proposed that we'd do this activity and that we would do it in a sort of logical order based on, let's say, a preexisting sequential array. Then they started arguing about skipping some steps. And then somehow mysteriously steps 7 through 11 were "loaned" (you two are so full of crap I swear) "loooooaned" to some faraway personage. But we're already here, the giraffe and the cheesecake poster said plaintively, why don't we just come back to those later?

Well fine. I'll bow to your little schemes this time but I will be back for the rest of those movies. Irritable glare.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Disney's Dumbo: Second thoughts

Sorry for not doing the usual follow-up routine, but I had kind of a hang-up with this one. Anyway, let's get into it.

Disney's Saludos Amigos: First impressions

Six movies in. These go by so fast. And already I'm puzzled... I could have sworn it was Disney that was all fairytale princesses, but there's been a total of one so far, and that's out of five movies. Over the course of their, what... thirty? Twenty five? that would add up to something like five or six princesses maximum, which... ehh, I suppose it's a large enough group, but doesn't seem to fit what I'm thinking of. Anyway, Saludos Amigos doesn't sound like any fairy tale I know, so I guess the trend of not doing that at all continues.

Over the run of the Disney first impressions so far, I've been feeling kinda... I don't know, smug? Cold? Condescending? Artsy-fartsy movie critic? I should be more enthusiastic about getting to see these movies. Is it a problem with me? Am I overstressed from school, or overdickish from getting my education polished up? Or is it an issue with these movies themselves? I'd really like to know what you guys think, so put up your commends and we'll see what's up.

Anyway, it's time for me to move on from Bambi, so let's go to... what, would that be Spain? Sounds Spanish. I don't know Spanish. Amigos is friends, though, and saludos sounds like salut which is hello, so it's Hello Friends! in some language or other. I still think Spanish. Maybe Italian.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Disney's Bambi: First thoughts

Once more into the breach! Hmm. Wait is it unto the breach? It's not onto the breach, that wouldn't make sense. Does unto make sense. I don't think it does either. Do unto breaches as you would ehhhh what does unto mean anyway bah screw this IT'S MOVIE TIME.

Today we made these amazing pizza twists that you can dip using Pillsbury something or other. Still prefer real pizza but as a fun shareable snack... no, screw that too I still prefer real pizza but I have to admit these are pretty awesome. Also Roomie wanted to try out his new tartine, which is this Mexican kind of pot thing shaped like a cone that you make stew with, so we had tartine and it was crazy good. Wish I could cook like that. Anyway, Roomie's sitting this one out so it's just me and the pixie.