Sunday, February 22, 2015

And then we got stalled out again...

As I'm sure anyone who still reads my blog is aware, I haven't gotten to any movies since Alice in Wonderland several days ago. Given that the week that just ended was my winter break, this is a bad thing. I'm not really pleased with it, but it is what it is and all I can say is I hope when school comes back I can still pick up a movie from time to time. It definitely helps that Disney movies are shorter than others, but I still think it might be time to skip to a list of recommended ones and come back to the rest when things cool down.

Anyway, I really wanted to post just to let you all know that I'm not dead, and to explain why I didn't get to watch movies this week.

That's why.

Basically, there's several of these in our apartment. Big, ugly leaks of stinky brown water that spread and breed like rabbits. My room is mooooostly okay except the drops make it hard to get to sleep, but Roomie just plain doesn't have a room anymore. Anyway, now they've got these big industrial-type dehumidifiers in, which along with the regular temperature and the amount of moisture means I basically live in a swamp that I have to ladle soup out of from time to time. I'm pretty sure most of you have an idea of how fun my mobility is right now, and in winter it's super great.

Given that all of our cookware has multiclassed into Bucket, we've been living la vida Wendy's for hot food, which was probably stupid and definitely pricy but I'm not in a position to say no to calories right now. Then comes the dealing with the landlords, who keep saying they're going to help us out but don't have any sort of timeframe for it or really any ideas what they're going to do. In a perfect world, we'd be moved. In a perfect world, they wouldn';t have built an apartment building so totally shitty that every single room would leak.

What's up next? Well, 15 cm of snow tonight is what they say, which won't help. Tomorrow's going to be the real prize, though: 30 mm of rain. That's 3 cm of water, or a little over an inch for you Imperial measurement people. What that will do to our leak situation, I don't even have an idea, but baaasically we're expecting everything to go to hell.

Long story short, things aren't fantastic in Jeremyland (the usual though, really, just not pain of the physical kind this time around). When things get back to par, I can come back and blog. Right now... yeah, life is garbage.


  1. Gah, I am *so* sorry. I will send . . . dry thoughts your way? Or virtual cookies. Or both.

  2. Oh shit. I was wondering if things are okay. It sucks when there's some kind of disaster that eats up your only break.

  3. Had my ceiling partially fall in years ago. Landlord is great, but there was no way to fix the roof in the middle of winter with it covered in snow. I ended up taping up plastic to the ceiling to at least get all the random drops into one stream. Leave a little slack, the weight of the water will find the lowest spot, poke a hole so it doesn't get too heavy. This required a lot of duct tape to hold the plastic up, but I eventually added a funnel and pipe to the kitchen sink so I didn't have to empty the bucket. Worked for two months, maybe more.
    Good luck, ;-)