Saturday, January 31, 2015

Disney's Bambi: First thoughts

Once more into the breach! Hmm. Wait is it unto the breach? It's not onto the breach, that wouldn't make sense. Does unto make sense. I don't think it does either. Do unto breaches as you would ehhhh what does unto mean anyway bah screw this IT'S MOVIE TIME.

Today we made these amazing pizza twists that you can dip using Pillsbury something or other. Still prefer real pizza but as a fun shareable snack... no, screw that too I still prefer real pizza but I have to admit these are pretty awesome. Also Roomie wanted to try out his new tartine, which is this Mexican kind of pot thing shaped like a cone that you make stew with, so we had tartine and it was crazy good. Wish I could cook like that. Anyway, Roomie's sitting this one out so it's just me and the pixie.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Disney's Dumbo: First impressions

Apparently we're not just doing classic children's stories, then, since I have no idea what this is about. A clown? A big hulking dimwit? Honestly I have no context for what this is going to be, other than (hopefully) entertaining. Time for movie #4 on my Disney tour. Come on and join me :D

Disney's Fantasia: Second thoughts

Storm's come and gone and life's back to normal, but we talked it over and I really want to try to do some kind of keep-up with this blog as much as I can. As long as people keep reading and commenting, I want to keep writing. It just feels good to be able to express myself again.

Anyway, enough natter from me, let's talk movie :D

Warning: this post is very very long.

Disney's Pinocchio: Second thoughts

Cracking these out while I'm still recently en-memoried about the movies in question. Lacy says she expects more of you are waiting for the later films, which means I'm building up for good stuff :D

I hope, anyway. You've Lebowski'd me before.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Second thoughts

Finally got around to doing these. I obviously can't promise any kind of update schedule, but I'd really like to keep on top of 1s and 2s as much as I can. On the plus side, I have notes so it's a bit easier. Doing a post for each one, so don't miss them. Of course the way these post I should be saying that in the Fantasia post... whatever. I do what I like :D

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Disney's Fantasia: First impressions

Here we go for #3 in the Disney lineup, and already we've run into something I don't know. What is "Fantasia?" It's a kickass title is what it is, and fantasy is obviously involved. Also from the DVD there's Mickey Mouse and he looks like a wizard. Do I get to finally see a Mickey movie?! :D

Disney's Pinocchio: First impressions

Lacy's all mad at me for taking jot notes for the second thoughts post for Snow White. Also for making food, but hey, I like food.

Honestly, this blizzard was completely overhyped. I mean sure it snowed but not even half as much as they were worried about. Oh well, I get movies so what do I care? :D

Moving on to Disney #2

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: First impressions

It's dwarves, not dwarfs, you blasted... ah, crap, Disney and I are already starting off on the wrong foot, aren't we? Screw it, I'll assume it's just some sort of holy crap this movie is like 80 years old. Grandpa just turned 84 last week. Wow this is gonna be a thing.

Anyway, they actually did cancel school and the power's holding out, so let's have us a movie!

Monday, January 26, 2015

I don't have a punny title for this, shut up Lacy

Bossy chick over here trying to make me use her title. Anyway.

So with the Christmas holiday being what it was, I didn't get to watch more movies. Sad Jeremy. Honestly, I figured we'd be on lockdown until at least winter break (and really, maybe not even then, my profs are all talking like THIS SOUNDS LIKE A WONDERFUL TIME TO ASSIGN ALL THE EVERYTHING) but something's come up - or rather, something's about to come down.

According to Weather Canada, that would be "everything ever."

So, with tomorrow's forecast being THE WORLD SHALL BE CRAP, I as a spindled-up ball of scar tissue and mobility issues am making the executive decision to take a snow day. Now in a perfect world the universities would too, but they don't really like doing that cause they're assfaces. Regardless, tomorrow it's gonna be me, Lacy, possibly Roomie at some point, and movies. What are we watching?