I'm Jeremy, aka Wonderful Noise, and for 19 years I have lived on this earth without managing to absorb almost any modern contributions to culture. Movies, TV, literature, video games - you name it, I was somewhere else that day. For the first time in my life I've got a real Internet connection for personal use, a media library at my disposal courtesy of my roommate. I've also got a lot of free time to kill. And when I say that, I mean it - I won't be going anywhere for a long while, so I need whatever I can get to entertain myself in the meantime.

I'm an athlete and tabletop gamer from Canada; I grew up with old classic movies, particularly movie musicals and a lot of WWII films. This past year I started at university, where I originally intended to study kinesiology. My electives have had a lot of impact on the way I think, talk and engage with things that I never would have imagined before - psychology, English and anthropology particularly. I've always liked history so that's not new to me, but I'm slowly branching out from sort of 20th century history and into Europe, particularly Britain.

I love pizza. This is my first time living in a big city and I'm looking forward to trying new foods from different cultures. My flavor experience is in this Eastern Canadian bubble - fish, fried foods, meat & potatoes, pizza really is the most exciting food I had growing up.

My ambition with this blog is just to communicate with and relate to other people with shared experiences, and I'm going to try to share them all - everything that's new to me, whether I like it or hate it. I like getting comments to respond to - I have a lot of free time to kill and it's a positive experience for me to get to hear from others about the things I watch and how they liked or didn't like them.

My experiences are being choreographed and filtered by my roommate ("Roomie") and our friend Lacy, who takes the time to comb through comments and give me filtered versions. Their mission is to keep me from seeing any leaks about the story of a particular movie, show or book until I've had the chance to experience it for myself. So far they're on the ball.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say about me and about this blog. I hope you find something to enjoy here. :D



  1. I'm loving this blog, Jeremy! It's great to vicariously re-watch things for the first time. I'll be doing a blog entry of my own about your blog today (michaelgmunz.com/some-wonderful-kind-of-noise - it'll post soon, it it's not already there) because this place needs to be shared! :)

  2. I love that I found this blog. Considering the amount of crap that was mixed in with the culture you missed I'm not entirely sure this is a bad way to experience "The greatest hits of pop culture". I'm a bit of a history buff too, especially the history that influences culture that is rarely talked about. Feel free to email me on FB if you want more.