Monday, January 26, 2015

I don't have a punny title for this, shut up Lacy

Bossy chick over here trying to make me use her title. Anyway.

So with the Christmas holiday being what it was, I didn't get to watch more movies. Sad Jeremy. Honestly, I figured we'd be on lockdown until at least winter break (and really, maybe not even then, my profs are all talking like THIS SOUNDS LIKE A WONDERFUL TIME TO ASSIGN ALL THE EVERYTHING) but something's come up - or rather, something's about to come down.

According to Weather Canada, that would be "everything ever."

So, with tomorrow's forecast being THE WORLD SHALL BE CRAP, I as a spindled-up ball of scar tissue and mobility issues am making the executive decision to take a snow day. Now in a perfect world the universities would too, but they don't really like doing that cause they're assfaces. Regardless, tomorrow it's gonna be me, Lacy, possibly Roomie at some point, and movies. What are we watching?

Yeah I put the jump there to build anticipation cause I'm mean like that :D

We're watching some Disney.

That's right folks, Jeremy's finally getting around to sharing your childhoods! Only however many years late. Gotta catch up on like 20-30 movies or something like that. So tomorrow whenever, while the snow comes down to freeze us into a wintery tomb, we're gonna watch as many Disney films as power outages allow. Hopefully that's a few.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this. Hope you guys are too, anyone who's still following me. Does someone want to put up a topic on RPGnet for me? I'm basically just going to post this and go to bed, so... well, if I see a topic there tomorrow I'll use it, otherwise I'll start a new one. But if someone wants to, go right ahead. :D

Roomie's in on this plan too and he specifically told me to say we're going through the Disney animated canon, whatever that means. We're skipping the live action canon, I guess? Don't see why, but that's my marching orders. Lacy says the first one is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which I doubt will be my kind of dwarves but hey, classic fairy tales are fun. At least I know the story to this one, unless they did something to it. Anyway, if the animaion is better than, like, the Flintstones, I should be pretty happy. I'm Fred, watch my head contort into weird shapes while the rest of me is frozen in place. Good thing I have this tie to keep my neck on... yeah, I'm not gonna go into how much I don't need more of that. Passable when I was a kid and it happened to be around, but man I would not go back to that crap.

So in short: tomorrow, snow and Disney. Hope to see people there! Figuratively, I mean :D


  1. May your power stay up long enough to see the progress they made...

  2. hmm... This is a hard one.
    Honestly not particularly exposed to early disney animation until my wife showed them to me - but I adore some of their work.

    - Fantasia (1940): need to see this! just awesome!
    - Alice in Winderland (1951): influenced all other Alice movies since!
    - Peter Pan (1953) As above - huge cultural influence!
    - The Sword in the Stone (1963): Arthur (of excalubur fame) and his childhood.

    Then you start getting dozens of movies, and in the 90's onwards you get all the PIXAR movies as well (you NEED to see them, best examples of storytelling I have ever seen - and the most successful production group in history of hollywood!)

    1. Even just sticking to Walt-era I'd say Pinocchio is important, and Bambi and Sleeping Beauty are also worth seeing for sheer visual richness.

  3. 20 or 30? Try 54. =D

    Sorry Christmas didn't work out. Maybe this year. Or maybe even sooner, do a Christmas in July kind of thing.

    But this is important and I'm excited.