Saturday, June 7, 2014

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back predictions

Everyone told me they wanted this, so here it goes. I'm betting most of these will be a swing and a miss, but a few of them I stand by as really good bets.

Already posted these over on RPGnet, but for anyone who missed them, here's my list of predictions for this movie (I am going to be so wrong).

• The Empire is going to strike. Back, as it happens.

• Vader comes back with a new villain to replace Tarkin. I feel like this time he'll be more in charge though. I wish Tarkin got more to do, there was this excellent decisiveness to him that I really enjoyed and he got too little screentime for being the head badguy.

• Han will have to go give his rescue money to that guy to get the bounty off of him. That's going to split the party at the worst possible time and Vader will catch Luke, the princess and the droids off guard. Chewy will be with Han as backup when dealing with the pirate boss.

• We had a desert planet and a jungle planet; I'm really feeling an ocean planet this time. Just a big blue world. Could be really cool. Works with the pirate thing too.

• More Wars in Space! ...with Stars I messed this one up oh well.

• We're going to find out how Ben got more powerful than Vader could know. Maybe he can use the Force to possess Luke and work through him. That would be pretty cool.

• Luke's going to have a dogfight with Vader and Vader will escape again.

• Luke's going to use his lightsaber, but not against Vader. He's not ready yet.

• Vader will continue lacking in time for your shit.

• R2D2's going to continue making untranslated jokes at C3PO's expense.

• There could be like a mole with the rebels who keeps giving away their position to the Empire.

• Vader wants R2D2 since he's got the plans they can use for a new Death Star? Maybe? Does this make sense? I'd make backups, but then I'm not in the movies and we need new letters of transit so why not.

• The princess gets more opportunities to be a badass. I think with Han gone she'll have to take up piloting alongside Luke to help escape from the Empire.

• We're going to meet an important Rebel character and they'll get killed off and that will be the Empire's big strike. Back.

• I feel like the emperor was mentioned as kind of a politician type in the last film? Dealing with senates and stuff? So I'm getting the impression he's not the real power. He might show up in this movie so that he can get replaced, but I don't think he's going to matter.

• Whatever the Empire does it's got to be really significant. They blew up a planet!

• Chewy's also going to continue having no time for your shit.

• It's going to rock my socks off. :D

I'll see you all on the other side!

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