Saturday, June 14, 2014

Terminator: Terminator 2 predictions

Hey look! A sequel! You know what that means... standalone prediction post! :D

I haven't gotten to do this since Star Wars. SO MANY IDEAS.

So let's get the most obvious one out of the way:

• He'll be back. :D

• There will be another Terminator sent back in time to terminate people. I thought they said they couldn't do that but we like breaking rules so why not?

• Corollary to the above, there will be another non-Terminator sent back in time to terminate Terminators. He might be in terminal condition by the termination of both the Terminator and by extension Terminator 2.

• Breaking rules is lots of fun, so this time they'll bring some technology with them, maybe inside the Terminator's mouth or abdominal nogutsspace, which will... I don't even know, set up a thing where more Terminators can come back or the future can come attack the present? That would be seriously awesome. Or it could be just a laser, which would be the opposite of awesome. Relatively speaking.

• We're going to see a young, possibly infant guy. Man. Future Luddite Jesus. What is the guy's name? Screw it, his name is Sarah Connor Jr. and he's going to be proud of it. DO YOU HEAR ME?

• She's going to be on the run from the people who are involved in the thing that becomes the supermachine, or from people who she pisses off by telling the truth about the future or talking about nukes or something because you can't just go do that and Reese was a pretty crap teacher when it came to Talking To Authorities 101.

• The new Terminator's going to be like a 102 and have better aim out of moving vehicles. :P

• No but seriously the new Terminator's going to be smarter and probably leave a less obvious trail of murder in his wake. Last time he got slowed up by cops and his own stupid obvious murders alerted the target ahead of time. This time he'll... well it won't be him, it'll be a smarter version.

• He'll look the same because big stars sell movies and computers are very stupid. No, THIS giant German Casual Friday Vader is COMPLETELY on the level, trust him. They can't help it but I'm still a little pre-disappointed by how stupid this by definition makes the supermachine.

• It would be cool if the guy who came back this time WAS Sarah Connor Jr. himself.

• Having a small child to protect is going to make the stakes just completely sick this time around.

• Apparently this the exciting one and I'M REALLY STOKED FOLKS :D

I'll be kicking it off just as soon as I get some decent food in me. Apple a day, eh?


  1. Not to be pedantic, but German Casual Friday Vader was/is from Austria. Like Hitler!

  2. I'm impressed by how much of this you got right. Not the fine details, obviously, but you nailed the major conflict.