Thursday, July 10, 2014

Holy shit you guys are awesome

Roomie just came in and showed me a bank deposit to my account for over a hundred bucks and he told me it's all donations from you guys. What the ever loving hell is going on behind my back that you all schemed to do this? Is that what Lacy posted about? I don't even know. I'm just floored right now. Thank you all so much!

Like, seriously, I am blown away by this. I didn't start doing this for money, I just wanted to share with people and get them to recommend me stuff. I'm not even sure what I should say at this point.

Roomie forwarded an email to me with the messages that came in with the donations. I'd like to share a few of them, I guess, since I think it says a lot more about the people who come here than just saying "a hundred bucks" would. In no particular order, then, here's what we had:

"PIZZA FUND! You deserve this, man!"

"Hope this helps with your STRESS"

"Reading your stuff makes me happy at a time when I can really use that. So thank you."

"You're making people smile everyday. Least we can do is return the favor."


"Get well soon"

"I insist you try a proper burger, then we'll see if it's still all about pizza for you."


"Thanks Jeremy"

"For great entertainment; Get well soon!"

"Enjoy the pizza on me, Jer. You're a hell of a guy."

"I'll give you another one when you're watching LoTR. Definitely pizza movies."

"Moor pizza! Moor ice creem!"

"Have a slice of pizza for me!"

There were a few more without messages on them, but I guess the gist is that people really like the blog. You guys are all so amazing.

I do have to say, though, to anyone thinking of donating to me in the future, that all my medical costs are covered, okay? Please, if you're thinking of giving me money for hospital bills, don't worry about it. I'm covered. I don't think most of you were thinking of that, going by the comments, though.

Anyway, you guys are AMAZING. I might see, with some of the donation money that wasn't marked off for pizza, if I can maybe send some books up to the IWK. It's a children's hospital here in the city and I would really like to reach out and share some of my good fortune with people who I know need it, even if it's in a small way.

Thank you all so much, this is incredible and just came out of nowhere. I'm just about tearing up now, so I'm gonna go, but I promise I'm going to keep at this. You folks deserve no less out of me. :D


  1. We've said before on comments that you're good at this. I don't know if you've ever thought of it before, but being very entertaining on the internet is a marketable skill. This thing you're doing here is a special performance (and it's a *very* rare kind of performance); you're very entertaining and there's no reason why you shouldn't make a few bucks here and there for making people happy. It may not be enough to make a living but it can easily net you some nice pocket change (as has been demonstrated).

    So many strange ways of making money off of the internet has been discovered and being entertaining is one of the major ones. You're %500 more entertaining and better (and realer) than most of the dudes webcamming themselves playing scary games and screaming like little girls on Youtube for ad revenue. If those losers can make money, so can you. Then again, you might lose your charm if you start doing this for the express purpose of making money. As everything in all of the entertainment industries, internet celebrityness isn't guaranteed to work.

    It's something to think about. Either way, enjoy the pizza money you've earned.
    (and you really have EARNED that with the effort you've put here, no matter your original intentions)

  2. Yep. You provide great entertainment - we get to watch all these great movies again, and be impressed/surprised/delighted by your commentary :)
    Thats gotta be worth a few dollars :)

  3. For what you do, I hope this is a thing that keeps you going. Like the man said, you're earning it.