Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 7: Adjusting to meds is lots of something

Something, yes. Fun not quite so much. Turns out I was having a reaction to the hydrowhatsit, so I had to go see the doctor on Monday. New pain meds are... a thing. I feel like they've slowed me down. I definitely did almost nothing this week until today, which I spent hanging out with my uncle. Which was awesome.

This week saw me sleep, curse at a battleship, declare eternal enmity with the vile machine outside my window, sleep some more, and sometimes read a lovely book. I swear I planned to do a lot more this week but just living was kind of a chore the past few days.

So hanging out with my uncle was awesome. I don't see him very often anymore, and he's a pretty cool guy. We had fish and chips, enjoyed a bit of time down on the commons, just caught up really. Always nice to get to do that. And I do enjoy some good fish and chips when it's available, which... this was pretty good. :D

Now then, to review: fuck lawnmowers. Just straight-up hate that thing. Every time I'm right in the sweet spot of the doze, off it goes on a merry rampage. Can't close the window (not easily, anyway, with these legs wrapped up) especially when I need the breeze off the harbour to not go crazy. So the lawnmower is now my personal arch enemy. Also on my swearing-at list: the battleship parked outside my window. No seriously, there is a battleship out there, and it likes making stupid announcements in French over the loudspeakers at all stupid hours of the night. Whatever moron decided this was an okay thing to be doing should go blow a fireplace.

I yawn constantly, it seems. As side effects go, I'll take that one, it's pretty mild. There were some cool things this week; one of my readers has published a book! And wants to send me a copy! I'm thrilled about that, for him mostly because how cool is it that you get published and have your name up on shelves?! (But also for me. Free book!) Physical therapy for my shoulder is also going pretty well. I hate it, but that's because I hate most things that aren't sleep this week. We've had a few days of funky gray skies and high humidity, which means Jeremy Stew. Jeremy does not like being stew. Surprise! So that's been a bit funky, but hey: book, shoulder, uncle, and have I mentioned that I might be reading the best book ever?

What I got through this week was Jaws, which was a pretty great movie. Also I managed to come back to Star Trek for a really interesting episode that I liked, and of course I really delved into The Hobbit. This book is all kinds of fantastic and I'm sorry I didn't pick it up as a kid. I was just getting into this part where goblins are chasing them outside the mountains when I remembered about Friday post so I put it down and it was kiiiiind of like ripping off my arm. And if anyone around here knows what it feels like to have a limb ripping away, it's me. Well, me and that one reader who's currently going through some grievous bodily arm. See what I did there? :D

Honestly, the adjustment is going well, except for the sleep. Lacy's been scheming up something about patrons or patronage and I don't get what that is except I think she wants to increase donations. Her heart's in the right place but her brain and fangs keep being in peoples' wallets. I got free pizza; I'm more than happy. If she's pestering you, let me know and I'm sure Roomie will catch it. Speaking of himself, he's had a busy week too (probably, come to think of it, the other reason things have been out of whack). Roomie's got himself a girl! :D So let's all be very happy for Roomie while that lasts. He's a good fella and we like him. I like him, at least. You all should too, he does a lot to get me where I need to be. We're moving for September, which should mean elevators! Or ground floor. Either one is good for me as long as I don't have to get hauled up and down staircases again. Felt bad about doing that to my uncle. He's not that old, but I am that heavy. Actually even that's going down; no matter what I eat I still can't keep the old stick-to on the ribs, if you get my meaning. Healing is a draining kind of process, I guess.

Oh right, while I'm on that subject, sort of, there were two donation messages this week. Sharing!

• For the pizza fund. Keep the reviews coming.

• keep it up and get well soon

So thanks once again to those great people. This continues to be a great experience - or at least what bits I'm getting of it between sleeeeeep. I feel more energetic today, though, and I hope over the weekend that keeps improving so I can dig in for more entertainment. :D


  1. Possibly your roommate is plotting to get you a Patreon page, where people can donate regularly to your cause.

    At any rate, keep up the good work. And make sure you read Lord of the Rings before watching the films.

  2. Patreon was my first thought too. And I think you'd be better served by watching first.

  3. Ooh, do we need to set up an earplug fund?

  4. I'm pretty sure Jeremy has a lot of time for Tolkien's shit, therefore he should read LotR books.

    Also earplugs are worthless. Cure for outside noise is LOUD music.

  5. You MUST watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series!

  6. Earplugs to sleep. I swear by non-latex earplugs. They're wonderful.

  7. I had ankle surgery last week and am stuck in a plastic boot, but there's nothing like your occasional references to your own situation to remind me that I am very much in the shallow end of the Injury Pool and should limit my complaining accordingly. I assume you have some really awful moments you don't post about here (since the alternative is that you're some kind of superhuman saint), but you at least manage to *sound* like you're holding up amazingly well.

    Which I post mostly because your comment about hydrocodone (I assume that's what they had you on) rang a very familiar bell. I had an allergic reaction to my antibiotics and got splitting headaches from my own hydrocodone (ironic, that), so yeah, side effects, I've been there, they suck. >_<

    Hang in there, possibly invest in earplugs, and keep making wonderful noise!